Mirfield Miniatures was set up in 2018 as an add-on to the Creative Arts Hub, where we are based. Initially aiming to serve a handful of young modelmakers and provide miniatures to kickstart their hobby, we have since grown to occupy studio space and provide regular gaming sessions for the ever-growing group. We are here to serve our immediate gaming community, and as such are a resource that you should physically visit to benefit from (we will post, but can’t guarantee you first dibs on models if you are asking from afar!).

Our stated aim was to provide miniatures at ‘pocket money prices’, enabling kids to buy marines at 50p to £1 each and build armies in a manageable and affordable way. We’re part of a community endeavour, and with prices that easily undercut most asking prices on eBay, we know we’d sell out very quickly if we offered these items for sale to a wider public! Pop in and see us – and find yourself a miniature bargain.