I have to put my hands up, I’m struggling to respond to all of your queries. If you’ve messaged and not had a response, you’ll know that by now.

What is my solution? Well, I’ve removed the email form and phone number from this page. I’m certainly not getting to those messages; easier if I can have all of the messages coming to the same place. So, please help by only messaging me on FB Messenger. If I can keep all of my eggs in one basket I might have a chance of responding.

Hopefully this is a short-term blip. At time of writing (March 2022), I’ve had four an a half months of seriously intense interest in the shop. I’m still standing … just about! But your help in managing the volume of work would be greatly appreciated. I’ll do my level best to get to you.

Visit us at:

Creative Arts Hub
1st floor
51-53 Huddersfield Road
Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 8AB
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